November 2019.
I had the idea of starting a clothing brand.
A brand meant to build and tell a story.
A story meant to explain why the fuck do we have Feelingz?
Eww Feelingz.
The brand originally started out as Slow Feelingz.
Why? You may ask.
Because slow, old, reverberated music, at a moderate volume, played in the night, while driving and sightseeing made me feel something never before.
What is this feeling?
What ARE Feelingz?
I began going on a journey through my life in hypersensitivity. Looking and listening to every phrase, word, and sentence I heard, especially things from days I was aware of how I felt.
Then I spiraled into deep thought like a bottomless staircase.
The question comes up again what are Feelingz?
But this time it leads down the bottomless staircase, winding and winding around. What is the purpose of feeling?
Why do so many people feel bad?
Why can’t some people control their Feelingz?
Why do so many people complain?
Like no matter what they have to complain about something.
Why do we default to disappointment like it’s a game?
Choose your disappointment:
"I'm sorry I have to cancel."
What are u overthinking?
Things go wrong all the time, but things go right so much more.
Like the harmony within your body.
All of those things happening at once.
From heartbeat to food digestion to the blood flow through your body.
All while you sit there complaining. 
"I pinky Promise"
..              .
This font is green.
Settling for something you don’t want.
Settling for a person that treats you terribly. 
"I Love You"
Proving your worthiness
Why can't people see how much goes into one thing and appreciate the small things?
Like something as simple as a car.
So much just for the car door to open without falling off the hinges and breaking the window.  
  Who figured out 2+2=4.
What is a number?
Who gave it the value it has?
Why can’t we give ourselves value?
Why do we choose to think we’re not worthy.
Why do some feel they’re not worthy of being happy.
  And I snapped out and realized
“Eww Feelingz”. 



More lines will be coming out to continue the story.

This is only the beginning. 

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Wow very well put. I never sat down and thought about it like that. I appreciate the start of your story!! 😊

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