We have two designs for the fear collection! The first design, SCARED OF WHAT?, is a white brain underneath an a ray of swirls (illusions), Purple and Green. This is representing the things that go on in our mind scaring us, hence the name
The second design, FEAR, is a simple yet intriguing design to compliment SCARED OF WHAT? 
All of the "FEAR" collection products are on champion embroidered clothing, ensuring the best quality possible.
The fabric is on the thicker side but soft and comfortable, especially for sweater weather.
Products include a: T-shirt, Crew Neck Sweater, & Hoodie ranging from $59-$99.

Scared of What? Socks



From $19

Scared of What? Champion Sweatshirt


"FEAR" Champion T-Shirt


"FEAR" Champion Hoodie


"FEAR" Champion Sweatshirt


Scared of What? Champion T-Shirt


Scared of What? Champion Hoodie