About US

Street wear on a mission!

Our number one mission is to make feelings and expressing them more normal.

Why the name?

“Eww Feelingz” is purposely in quotations for the sense of mockery or making fun of.
Many people express this type of eww feelingz attitude and don’t acknowledging how important feelings truly are. We believe that everything starts with how you feel. You may have "felt" a certain way so it lead to a certain action, such as buying a product or slashing your exes tires.
You have every right to feel your emotions but it's also important to understand them and the health of them.
A lot of emotions are just swept under the rug as if they’re nothing. We go with society and hope for the best.
This often leads to past tramas not being healed, built up guilt and/or anger, low self esteem, low confidence, and low self respect.
Feelings play a big part in mental health and should get the same recognition and awareness.

The future?

As time goes on we will continue to touch on many topics that invite feelings in. (which is literally everything, so we'll be here for a long time)