About US

Street wear on a mission!

Our number one mission is to build a community that can truly express themselves.

Why the name? 

“Eww Feelingz” is purposely in quotations for the sense of mockery or making fun of. 
 Many people express this type of eww feelingz attitude and don’t acknowledging how important feelings truly are. We have them for a reason but many people just sweep them under the rug as if they’re nothing. They go with society and hope for the best. 
This often leads to past tramas not being healed, built up guilt and/or anger, low self esteem, low confidence, and low self respect. Feelings play a big part in mental health and are just as important. 
That’s why we are here, here to build a safe community for people to be heard. 
A community that is empowering and continuing to help change societal  standards, and we use safety pins to show it. 

Why safety pins?

As of the month of October 2020, our new logo became a shiny chrome safety pin. 
Safety pins hold and bring things together with ease. (Aka this community we are bringing together) 

The future?

We are a growing brand, learning along the way, however no matter what, we will continue. 
We will continue to connect as much as we can. We will continue to put out designs for holidays and for awarenesses. As we grow we will be able to do more physically, but we can assure you nothing is stopping our imagination right now. 
We feel you.